Personalised Cognitive Assessment & Training

Everybody seems to be working at the limits of their mental capacity these days. It can be difficult to pin down the time and the areas in which we can improve our performance, and if you are reading this you probably know that MORE and FASTER is a strategy with a limited lifespan.

At London Cognition we help you to identify the different kinds of behaviours that suffer under different types of pressure. Our expertise in research and practice means that we use the most appropriate tests to quantify performance and behavioural change at baseline and under pressure.

This allows us to help clients track changes in their performance and for us to modify our programs according to individual need. People respond differently to mental, physical, emotional and time pressure. Our cognitive training and assessment programs and experience will help you to identify your and your co-workers responses and develop strategies for improvement.

We have previously worked with football, rugby, international businesses and individuals to achieve new goals. Our programs have proved to be successful and sustainable for elite athletes, elite business people and people simply needing to improve their use of their abilities in everyday work and life.